Election 2075's Download
Title Date Size Download
32nd central executive committee result 7th Jan, 2019 472.95KB
Pradesh no. 3 - result 7th Jan, 2019 447.48KB
Thank you letter 27th Dec, 2018 107.38KB
Nirbachan Samiti ko Suchana 13th Dec, 2018 91.30KB
Final Ballot Paper 9th Dec, 2018 1,011.73KB
Special Notice 2nd Dec, 2018 73.60KB
Election Road Map & Code of Conduct 30th Nov, 2018 38.81KB
Election 2075 – Election Officers and Poling Officers (2075-7-14) 4th Nov, 2018 373.39KB
Election Program Schedule 31st Oct, 2018 63.10KB