Talk Programs's Download
Title Date Size Download
A 13 Years Teenager's Journey to Professional Programming 9th Oct, 2018 1.12MB
Making Kathmandu Walk Again: Planning and Designing for People Friendly Kathmandu 17th Aug, 2018 8.72MB
Prevailing Laws for Business Registration & Taxation Issues in Nepal 6th Jul, 2018 1.58MB
Business Registrations & Taxation Issues 6th Jul, 2018 2.20MB
Nepalese Space Expert Training in Japan through Satellite Systems Engg. 23rd Dec, 2017 845.70KB
Nano-Satellite Dev. at Seoul National University, South Korea 23rd Dec, 2017 9.01MB
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Existing Buildings and its Importance 23rd Dec, 2017 10.60MB
E- Governance Role & Importance of ICT 23rd Dec, 2017 3.93MB
Nepal�s Responses to Climate Change 23rd Dec, 2017 1.46MB
Social Psychological Approach in Civil Engineering 23rd Dec, 2017 2.20MB