Talk Programs's Download
Title Date Size Download
National Earthquake Safety Day-2016 (Part I) 23rd Dec, 2017 1.69MB
Nanotechnology for Engineers 23rd Dec, 2017 6.48MB
ENGINEER IN SOCIETY 23rd Dec, 2017 1.73MB
Mid Hill Highway (part 1) 23rd Dec, 2017 35.29MB
Mid Hill Highway (part 2) 23rd Dec, 2017 28.06MB
Road Safety in Nepal - Development of Road Safety Management System 23rd Dec, 2017 5.31MB
Lightening Protection System & New Dimension in Electrical Wiring 23rd Dec, 2017 9.44MB
Towards a modernized geodetic datum for Nepal: Options for developing an accurate terrestrial reference frame following the April 25, 2015 Mw7.8 Gorkha earthquake 23rd Dec, 2017 4.51MB
Planning for Climate and Earthquake Friendly Cities 23rd Dec, 2017 4.26MB
Debris management, Building Assessment and Community Feedback ���|���Presentation 3 23rd Dec, 2017 7.19MB