Talk Programs's Download
Title Date Size Download
Bheri Babai Diversion, Multipurpose Project (BBDMP) 23rd Dec, 2017 5.15MB
Managing for the Development Results (MfDR, MTEF and RBB) 23rd Dec, 2017 1.29MB
"Developing Our Cities with an Identity and Sustainability " 23rd Dec, 2017 2.23MB
Environmentally Safe and Health Friendly Developmental Structures (Lead, Mercury & Asbestos) 23rd Dec, 2017 4.11MB
Can We Ignite Nepal's Latent Fortunes 23rd Dec, 2017 171.77KB
Current Issues in the Telecom Sector and the Way Forward 23rd Dec, 2017 566.66KB
Revisiting the Project Model for the Fast Track  Exploring alternatives including High Speed Rail (Bullet Train) 23rd Dec, 2017 3.59MB
Enhancing Agricultural Productivity, Water (Irrigation, Drinking) Quality and Cloud Formations through Magnetic Technologies Magnetic Technology 1 23rd Dec, 2017 46.10MB
Professional Engineer सम्बन्धि मस्यौदा विनियमावली प्रस्तुति 23rd Dec, 2017 266.02KB
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) को संस्थागत विकाश वारे अबधारणा पत्र प्रस्तुति 23rd Dec, 2017 828.59KB