Talk Programs's Download
Title Date Size Download
Thai Experience of Road Safety and Integrating Road Safety in Engineering Course Curriculum (part 1) 22nd Dec, 2017 2.30MB
Spirituality for Engineering Professional Development 22nd Dec, 2017 24.83MB
Redevelopment of urban city core: Challenges, opportunity and urgency 22nd Dec, 2017 28.85MB
Nepal�s Development Paradigm: Paradoxes and Prospects. 22nd Dec, 2017 138.00KB
 Role of Politics and Governance in Socioeconomic Development. 22nd Dec, 2017 87.22KB
Challenges in Road Widening of Kathmandu Valley 22nd Dec, 2017 23.49MB
Nepal's Development Scenario from Regional Perspective 22nd Dec, 2017 6.73MB